Posi-Strut® Webs

Engineered Open Web Floor System

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POSI-STRUT® webs can be purchased exclusively by authorized MiTek manufacturers. Special equipment is used to assure finished product quality and consistency. A full range of galvanized diagonals are available to produce various floor depths (9.25”, 11.25”, 11.875” 12.75”, 14” and 16”). Besides the useful open-web concept, POSI-STRUT® accommodates a variety of different conditions on site without having to cut and reinforce the product on site. Custom built for every customer’s needs, POSI-STRUT® Engineered open web floor systems have CCMC certification, fire, and sound certified assemblies. The product is designed in our suite of software and fully supported by our experienced engineering team.


If so, here are few advantages of becoming and Authorized MiTek POSI-STRUT® manufacturer:

  • Eliminate costly finished product inventory
  • Uses the same lumber in stock that you are likely already using
  • Require minimum shop / yard space since the product is mainly custom built for each project
  • Design flexibility – allow custom design for your customer’s needs (added value = create retention to your customer base)
  • Can be produced with adjustable ends if required
  • Design in our software suite design program.
  • Minimize the production investment in comparison to any other open floor system
  • Optimize existing technical & sales resources
  • Sell more prefabricated components for every plan that your customers bring you
  • Uses regional labor force
  • Contribute to reduce your fixed costs by producing a reliable and performant floor system (Sell more per set of plans)

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