Stabilizer Lateral Brace

“Most all of our contractor customers see Stabilizer as an essential part of their truss setting jobs…and have asked that they be included in every truss order. They save them time, labour, and expense.” 
Dave Scott, Ballard Truss Inc.

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The Stabilizer™ permanent lateral brace makes truss bracing easy. The 24” on center Stabilizer spaces trusses exactly; within 1/32” – without measuring or layout sticks. It remains as a permanent structural lateral brace which means you do not have to “uninstall” it like you do with temporary wood bracing. You can get all the same benefits with the 16″ on center Stabilizer.

  • Saves Time – everything goes much quicker and much smoother. Speeds up some jobs like spacing trusses, eliminates others altogether like not needing to remove temporary bracing before sheathing.
  • Saves Labour – less time setting & bracing trusses translates to lower costs. Eliminating lumber cutting, hoisting, and handling for temporary bracing means additional labour savings. And because there is no lumber-bracing tear down, there’s no labour time spent removing bracing, de-nailing, and re-stacking.
  • Saves lumber – Little (if any) is needed for temporary bracing.
  • Saves Crane Time – Adds up quick at $100 – $200 per  hour. 
  • No-need-to-go-back – Good truss teams can usually install both the STABILIZER bracing and additional permanent wood bracing and still keep pace with the crane. This minimizes the highest risk period of any truss setting job – after the trusses are set but before permanent bracing is installed.
SPEED, SPEED, SPEED…MiTek® Stabilizer braces allow me to set and brace trusses as I go.
Rod Poland
Poland Construction Corp. Bristol RI